Elizabeth in Richard III

“Stephanie Lambourn, one of my favourites, does a fantastic job as Queen Elizabeth”
Winona Post, Sarah Squires, June 2017

“Making particularly strong impressions among the cast…Stephanie Lambourn as strong-willed Queen Elizabeth who can almost hold her own against her murderous brother-in-law Richard”
Talkin’ Broadway, Arthur Dorman, June 2017

Adriana in Comedy of Errors

“Stephanie Lambourn is tremendous fun as the put-upon, frustrated Adriana”
Talkin’ Broadway, Arthur Dorman, July 2017

Mary Warren in The Crucible

“Stephanie Lambourn stands out as conflicted Mary Warren forced to make a choice between her cohorts and her character”
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Jennifer Christman, October 2016

Audrey in As You Like It

“Stephanie Lambourn is fetchingly simple as Audrey, the object of Touchstone’s amorous urges”
Talkin’ Broadway, Arthur Dorman, July 2016

Laura in The Glass Menagerie

“Lambourn is exquisite as Laura, confident enough to let her periods of silence and stillness convey everything that needs to be said about this girl. The reverence with which Lambourn handles Laura’s high school yearbook is just one example of her detailed portrait.”
The Post - Bulletin, Tom Weber, July 2013

Hero in Much Ado About Nothing

“the strength of this festival is, as always, the depth of the cast. Audiences will welcome the return of Stephanie Lambourn as Hero”
The Post - Bulletin, Tom Weber, July 2013

Katharine in Henry V

“In both the delightful scene in which her waiting woman (Flanagan) teaches her English and her ensuing encounter with Henry, Lambourn's Katherine radiates impish joy, transforming history into seemingly timeless comedy.”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Mike Fischer, July 2013

"Stephanie Lambourn['s] … exchanges stand among the many enjoyable moments of the rich tapestry of western drama that makes up Henry V."
Winona Post, Robert Stuber, July 2013

"We see the king's bumbling at times as he attempts to Katherine, played so beautifully by Stephanie Lambourn who speaks in French."
writewrite.vpweb, Terry Rindfleisch, July 2013

Olivia in Twelfth night

“Stephanie Lambourn is marvelous as the countess, Olivia, who has no trouble transferring her affections. … Lambourn take their roles to a new level.”
writewrite.vpweb, Terry Rindfleisch, July 2013

"countess Olivia, played by Stephanie Lambourn, who does so much with side glances and fleeting facial expressions"
Post Bulletin, Tom Weber, July 2013

Cordelia in King Lear

“…But as played here by Stephanie Lambourn, she nevertheless exudes warmth as she tries to grasp hold of and embrace her father.”
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Mike Fischer, July 2012

Julia in The Two Gentlemen of Verona

“As always at the Great River Festival, the acting is subtly super... Lambourn is wide-eyed and plucky…”
Post Bulletin, Tom Weber, June 2012

"Stephanie Lambourn personifies the sweet, loyal, and slightly ditzy Julia.”
Winona Post, Kathy Peterson, July 2012

Hermia in A Midsummer Night's Dream

“Stephanie Lambourn and Evan Fuller… were perfect and comic young lovers”
Winona Post, Frances Edstrom, June 2011

“Equally outstanding are Kim McKean and Stephanie Lambourn as two young women trying to marry the men of their choice.”
The Post - Bulletin, Tom Weber, June 2011

Luisa in The Fantasticks

“Next year I half expect the company to branch out into opera, based on the performances of Stephanie Lambourn (The Girl) and Evan Fuller (The Boy), whose voices possess greater depth, power, and control than is generally needed for the musical theater.”
Winona Post, John Edstrom, July 13 2011

The Courtesan in Comedy of Errors

“Stephanie Lambourn is wonderful as a French saloon singer”
The Post-Bulletin (Rochester MN), Tom Weber, July 16 2010

Bombshells by Joanna Murray-Smith

“Caroline O’Connor’s assistant… Stephanie Lambourn….[is] essential to the mechanics of the show and must be mentioned for [her] precision.”
TimeOut Theater Critic, Julie McHale, December 3 2010

Ophelia in Hamlet

“Stephanie Lambourn’s musical adaptations and enacting of Ophelia’s “mad” songs are effectively disturbing and moving.”
Minnesota Theatre Blogspot, Robert Stuber, July 2009

Letta in Death of a Salesman

“All elements of the show meshed, from technical aspects to a fine supporting cast comprising …Stephanie Lambourn”
Third Coast Digest, Tom Strini, April 16 2011